[Daily Update]In 2016 release, 4 rumours of Xperia Z6/Z5 Ultra/Z5 Hatsune Miku/Z5 Snapdragon 820 edition


注意:このページは海外の皆さん向けに書いたXperia Z6リーク情報・英語バージョンであり、内容は日本語版とほぼ同じです。


Rumours of Xperia Z6 , Z5 Ultra , Z5 Compact Hatsune Miku model , and  the other…

For unannounced  Sony’s devices, we drew leak information, such as the Xperia Z6 / Z5 Ultra / Z5 Compact Hatsune Miku model.

However, because so still information is less well into, and is still a lot of speculation article for now.

update information

①: Release Date, release model

Forecasting for release date and announcement Date

Release Date: June 2016 (in Japan)/ No release  (in Europe)

Announcement Date: around April 2016 (in Japan)/-

Considering for Sony’s release schedule, I would like to predict Xperia Z6 also announced in February-April 2016, the reason is (see below), but in that selection and concentration of development resources, it is also considered autumn release next year.

In fact, Xperia in overseas don’t earn market share as Japan, and  Sony release one Xperia model only release from 2016.

[Past Release Date of Xperia Z series in Japan]

Xperia Z Z2 Z4
Announcement 1/8/2013 2/24/2014 4/20/2015
release date 2/9 5/21 6/10

[expected xperia model and rumored xperia model in 2016]

Forecasting model by this site; SOCIUS101

Xperia Z6 (In Europe, this model is named “Xperia Z5+”)

Xperia Z6 Compact

Rumored model

Xperia Z5 Ultra

Xperia Z5 Compact MIKU (Hatsune Miku) edition

Among them, those two top 2 you put as expected on this site, under the two is what came out as rumors leak information.


Leak image of Hatsune Miku model?

②: Effects of the mobile sector management deterioration has on the Xperia release plan

Sony Mobile Communications currently does not have good business conditions. 2014 fiscal deficit by issuing the operating income of 204 billion yen, the first quarter (April 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015) in fiscal 2015 also has become an operating income of 22.9 billion yen.

Why management that discouraging. At one end of the cause, sony failured brand strategy,  so it was forced challenged in low-price competition.

Currently, Sony’s smartphone deficit of about 3000 yen occurs every time they sell  one device, and sony’s average selling price of the smartphone is only less than half of Apple products.


As a solution, it was subjected to focus on high-price terminal at a low price terminal of withdrawal and the world market in emerging markets such as China, and aims to change the release schedule of only one model a year in Xperia Z series as part of such efforts to seem.

It’s a possible  abroad, but it is difficult in Japan. For Strong power of the mobile phone company in Japan, SONY must be received to some extent their intention.

In Japan, there are two shopping season in summer and winter, so SONY must release Xperia twice a year.

This is the answer also executives of SONY mobile communications.

In the medium term it is I want to bring to once a year, but the idea of individual carrier, there is some adjustment in the trend of the market.

(Mr. Hiroki Totoki, Sony Mobile Communications President and CEO)

About cycle the flagship model, it is thought that it will extend to the base.

However, you want to product development when the timing new technology becomes available or the story of the business and the mobile carrier, meshed well .

(Mr. Hiroshi Ito, Sony mobile products business group UX Creative Design & Planning, Product Planning )

[Xperia release plan]

From the above article,

Major update models to be launched in the autumn announcement / release Xperia → around the world

Minor updates models to be released around the spring announcement / release Xperia → Japan (Overseas remains in modest sales, naming also “+” treatment)

Release plan that is expected.

In other words, minor updates terminal of Xperia Z6 is Z5, is an “s” series of the place referred to in the iPhone, the significant changes, such as body design and rear camera does not take place, the modest performance improvement, such as CPU / memory / front camera It will be believed to remain.

③: Expected Specs of Xperia Z6

The expected specs by this site ; SOCIUS101

CPU Snapdragon820
Display 5.2 inches, resolution: Full HD (1920 × 1080)
Storage 32GB
Charging function Quick Charge 3.0 installed. It can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes
Announcement March or April ,2016(in Japan)

④:2K / WQHD display ?

It is a rumor of 2K display mounted exiting the topic every time that a new model will be released, but I think Sony install a Full-HD display in Xperia Z6. 2-point reason of next

1: Because, the Xperia Z6 is a minor change model from Z5

2: Sony  Mobile Communications executives have issued a negative comment for installing WQHD display for Xperia

1: Omit so already wrote about.

2: “negative opinion from the Sony mobile executives”

“2K is half-hearted” Sony Mobile Ito’s story of the

“Content in the world, when the full HD and 4K is mostly. Intermediate 2K, when viewed from the surface of content become half-hearted”

(Mr. Hiroshi Ito, Sony mobile products business group UX Creative Design & Planning, Product Planning )